What is the procedure?

What does the procedure look like?

1.Submit the game idea

Before you submit your game idea, please check to see if it fulfills the following criteria:

a.Test games

Your game must have been tested in at least 5 critical game sessions.

b.The game instructions

... were reviewed by a third party who is not familiar with the game for ease of understanding;

... contain pictures/illustrations (if necessary) of the game setup and game scenarios (this makes it easier to understand!);

... do not exceed six (6) A4 pages (excluding pictures);

... contain your full contact details including mailing address and e-mail.

Preferably, please send your game description (in german or english) by e-mail (or by letter) to Mühlenkind Kreativagtentur. Please include “Ravensburger” in the subject heading of your submission.

Include a game prototype only if requested to do so.

E-mail: service@spieleagentin.de

Postal adress:

Mühlenkind Kreativagentur

Robert-Blum-Str. 6

D-06114 Halle


2.Processing fee

There is a fee for the review of a game idea. The fee must be paid to the bank account indicated below before the processing can begin; include the title of your game as a reference when transferring the fee. If payment is not received within 14 days, there will be no review of your game idea and there will be no obligation to return your submitted materials.

Basic fee:

€75.00* per submission by e-mail (or by letter).


Additional fees for the submission of a requested game prototype (max. 5 kg):

€8.00* for each prototype with shipping adress in Germany.

€35.00* for each prototype with shipping adress in a European country and Suisse.

€85.00* for each prototype with shipping adress in a non-European country.


* Includes 16% VAT. If for a game proposal, a playable prototype is asked to be submitted by parcel from countries other than Germany, you must remit the additional fees as noted above. The higher costs for countries outside Germany are based on the higher parcel rates. The charges for parcels from countries outside Germany and heavier than 5 kg are subject to enquiry. In the case of remittance from abroad, please note that all bank charges are borne by the sender. In the case of payments from non-European countries, please add the reference OUR.

Account holder: Claudia Geigenmüller

Bank: Saalesparkasse

IBAN: DE97 8005 3762 1894 0904 26


3. Evaluation of the game idea

About one week of receiving your game proposal, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. The emailing of the invoice will happen within 4 weeks. The confirmation of receipt contains the following declaration of confidentiality:

When reviewing and evaluating your game idea, all documents, drawings, sketches, prototypes, etc. made available to you are treated “confidentially” - but are not treaded with absolute “secrecy”.
The information obtained as part of the submission will be used as part of the review of the submitted game idea, which means that we will discuss it with test players as well as with the editors. In particular, this includes the employees of Mühlenkind Kreativagentur and of Ravensburger Verlag GmbH. Nonetheless, we will not publish or otherwise disclose information about your documents, drawings, sketches, prototypes, etc. without your prior written permission.This being said, we do not consider your submission as a “secret” in the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/943 on the protection of trade secrets and the laws / proposed legislation based thereupon.

The agency will evaluate your game proposal with regard to the search criteria of the Ravensburger Verlag GmbH. Please be patient as it may take up to 8 weeks to process your inquiry.

Level 1: Does the game idea have enough potential?

a) If the evaluation is positive, we will ask you to send a prototype. Proceed with Level 2.

b) If the evaluation is negative, we will send you the conclusive evaluation.

Level 2: How successful are the rounds of test games?

a) If the rounds of test games show a positive result, proceed with Level 3.
b) If the round of test games show a negative result, we will send you the conclusive evaluation.

Level 3: Presentation of the game idea to the Ravensburger Verlag GmbH (bi-annually)

a) If the responsible editorial office is interested, the agency hands over your idea to the Ravensburger Verlag GmbH for internal screening process. From now on, you correspond directly with Ravensburger. Proceed with Level 4.

b) If the responsible editorial office is not interested, we will send you the conclusive evaluation.

Level 4: Screening process by Ravensburger Verlag GmbH

a) If the results of the screening are positive, the Ravensburger Verlag GmbH will offer you a license agreement. Among other things this governs the royalties which you receive through the sale of the game. You will negotiate those royalties yourself. The agency receives no share of any of your agreed royalties.

b) If the results of the screening process are negative the Ravensburger Verlag GmbH will return your prototype and a short evaluation.

4. Returns

Prototypes that did not make it to the editorial staff of Ravensburger Verlag GmbH, will be returned by the Mühlenkind Kreativagentur within 4 weeks after the final evaluation.

Updated October 2020